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Bernice's WigJig Wire Earrings
Sunday, July 27 2014 00:00













One of our customers, Bernice, provided us with photos of her gorgeous WigJig earrings!  

Bernice has combined our round crystals with WigJig components to make several pairs of stunning earrings!  Using a bit of jewelry cement to attach the crystals to the WigJig wire loops, makes these designs a snap to make.  

We thought we would share them with you, so please enjoy!  Our hats go off to Bernice for sharing these spectacular designs!  She'll be getting a gift certificate to spend in the WigJig store!




Jewelry Making Ideas For Your Party
Saturday, July 26 2014 00:00


Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other jewelry items are perfect for giving out at parties.  If you have a party coming up and you'd like to use your jewelry making skills to your advantage, try making unique party favors that your guests will love.  Let's look at some ideas to get you started.


1.  Glow In The Dark Gear

Imagine your party room or dance floor lighting up in neon colors at night.  Try making some glow in the dark jewelry items or use black light beads when creating your pieces.  Black light beads glow brightly and come in a variety of different colors.  People love bright lights, so glow in the dark gear is sure to add fun to your party or gathering.

2.  Beaded Lei

You've probably seen lei before for Hawaiian-themed decorations.  But lei don't have to be made using just the traditional flowers or foliage—try out some beaded leis.  Beaded lei have the traditional party flair of a lei, but with a unique spin to it.  These are sure to be nice giveaways at your party.

3.  Candy Necklaces

There's always food at parties, and people love sweets and candies.  So try your hand at disposable jewelry with candy necklaces.  Use candy that's easy to string, like life savers or peach rings.  Hard candies that have a traditional plastic wrapper work well with creating necklaces, because you can fashion the ends together easily.  Be sure to make and distribute your candy wear in a hygienic manner. 

You can also use your jewelry making skills to decorate your party area.  Use strings of beads or wire sculptures to beautify and embellish your party place so that it looks fit for a special occasion.  Give out your party favors during the party and include some items for your guests to take home as well.

If you need any helpful tips or fresh ideas to spur you on with your handmade jewelry, contact us.  We'd love to help you out!

4 Jewelry Making Ideas For Nature Lovers
Friday, July 25 2014 00:00


Do you know any avid nature fans?  Maybe a friend of yours is always hiking or doing something outside.  If you have a nature lover you're trying to make jewelry for, try adding a down-to-earth charm to any pieces you plan on giving them.  This shows that you understand their hobbies enough to give them something personalized and uniquely suited to them.  Let's look at a few designs any outdoors person will enjoy.

1.  Rock Necklaces

Rock necklaces are clearly reminiscent of the outdoors.  You can tumble the rocks, polish then, or leave them in a more natural state.  Keep the personality of the future wearer in mind.  Be subtle with the number of beads you add, as too many beads can take away the natural charm of your piece.

2.  Shark Tooth Necklaces

One activity that some nature lovers enjoy is shark tooth hunting.  Even if your friend has never been shark tooth hunting, they'll almost certainly like the idea of it.  And they'll definitely love the fact that they have a bit of shark dentition hanging from their neck.

3.  Beaded Canteen

This is a piece that your nature lover will be able to take with them when they go exploring.  A canteen is something most hikers and outdoors people bring with them on any expeditions anyway, so a decorated one will be even better.  A beaded canteen is both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

4.  UV Bead Necklaces

People who spend a lot of time outdoors will need to prepare for the elements—for example putting on sunscreen.  It's easy to forget about the time you're spending in the sun and get sunburned.  So give your explorer a necklace made from UV detector beads.  These beads are normally white, but take on color when sunlight hits them.  The higher the UV index is outside, the darker the beads become.  This provides an indication and reminder to be wary of the sun, as well as looks amazing.  Who doesn't think it's cool to see beads changing color before their eyes?

These ideas make great gifts for any adventurer or nature-interested person in your life.  If you need any help or ideas for your jewelry making, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  We'd be happy to hear from you!

Things To Remember When Creating Wire Earrings
Thursday, July 24 2014 00:00


Handmade wire earrings are a popular jewelry item.  Most everyone with pierced ears has a pair and they can be very fashionable for a number of different occasions.  As a jewelry designer, you want the earrings you create to be elegant as well as comfortable.  Let's look at some tips to keep in mind when you create handmade wire earrings.

Metal Allergies

Some people have allergies to certain types of metals.  The most common one is a nickel allergy.  There are many people who break out or develop skin rashes because of nickel allergies, so it's probably better to avoid using wire that contains any trace amount of nickel.  Always let people know what kind of wire you used in a pair of earrings, so they know if they are allergic to anything in the piece beforehand.  Plastic, titanium, and teflon are safe bets for people prone to metal allergies.

File Down Rough Edges

You don't want your earrings to stick people and be painful to wear.  File down your pieces and make sure there are no rough edges or sharp spots that can catch the skin of the wearer.  No one wants to wear earrings that are uncomfortable, so make sure you smooth your wires thoroughly and test out your basic design.

Add Earring Stoppers

Losing an earring is a common occurrence.  It's probably something you've heard expressed before and it's obviously frustrating to the person who loses one.  So add an earring stopper to your wire earrings to avoid the hassle of losing them.  Use clear and discreet plastic stoppers and your customers will be grateful for it.

Handmade wire earrings can be gorgeous and functional.  Follow the tips above to make your earrings durable and suitable for wear.  If you need any more information or help with your jewelry making projects, don't hesitate to contact us.  We'd be happy to help out!

How To Waterproof Your Handmade Jewelry
Wednesday, July 23 2014 00:00


It's the heart of Summertime and the heat is driving many people to the pool.  Most people probably take their jewelry off before they go swimming, but this does bring up an interesting consideration for yourjewelry making—are you interested in making your jewelry waterproof?

This is especially important to consider for people who make jewelry with quilled aspects to it.  Quilled jewelry is jewelry made from paper.  So if you occasionally use paper in your wire and bead designs, you might want to consider waterproofing your pieces so they won't fall apart from a surprise rainstorm.

How do you go about waterproofing your handmade jewelry pieces?  First, get the materials you need to start.  Acquire some Fevicol MR, which is basically an glue that has good bonding strength and works well with paper jewelry.  You can also use your regular glue if you have a preferred brand.  Lacquer is also needed, which is used to provide a coated finish.

Once you have these items and you're ready to start, begin by coating your finished jewelry piece with Fevicol MR or your chosen glue.  Let it dry completely and then use a brush to add lacquer to the surface.  After this, let your piece dry for a day and it should be ready.  

Run a practice piece of waterproof jewelry under the tap and see for yourself how well this process works.  Your quilled jewelry piece should now be hard like plastic, so it's much more functional and beautiful. 

Be sure when you waterproof your jewelry that you work outside or in a well-ventilated area, as some lacquers give off toxic fumes that can be harmful in large amounts.  If you need any help with your handmade jewelry, don't hesitate to let us know.  We'd love to hear from you!


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