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Adding Fall Colors and Textures to Your Jewelry-Making
Thursday, September 04 2014 00:00


Fall is in the air! Even though the temperatures are still high; crisp cool air, apples and pumpkin spice lattes are right around the corner. Fall is the time to charge your jewelry-making with the earthy colors and textures of the season.

Hoodies and heavy sweaters of the season set the stage for jewelry pieces that are chunkier and heavier than pieces we wear in the summer. Try adding a pear shaped gemstone pendant in a nice earthy color to a knitted, braided chain necklace for a bold statement. A simple, lighter weight sweater paired with a necklace like our knots squared design will show off your jewelry making skills. Choose beads in the colors of fallen leaves to bring the design together into a fall masterpiece.

Fall brings out lots of interesting textures in our clothing and blankets. Capture the spirit of those texture in your jewelry as well. Make a wire bead chunky choker, or try your hand at making complex wire links like this Caribbean blue necklace. Complex links are easy to make with your WigJig tool. Go all out for the texture; necklaces and bracelets made of jump rings linked together in a pattern are great all alone or add an interesting beaded pendant to take it up another notch.

And not to be forgotten, fall brings us some of our favorite holidays of the year. Halloween brings images of pumpkins and spiders to our minds. Your WigJig tool is perfect for making custom designed jewelry for the holiday. Intricate spider web designs become fun and easy creations. For inspiration, check out these pumpkin wire creations from our Pinterest page.

With all the holidays, harvest celebrations, tailgate parties and of course, Thanksgiving on the horizon cocktail rings will come in handy to keep track of your guest's drinks. They're so easy to make; why not make several sets while you're at it? A set in Halloween colors, one with your favorite team colors and one with harvest colors should get you through the season in style!

We have everything you need to make your fall jewelry pieces sparkle! Contact us for all of your jewelry making supplies and instruction.

Jewelry Making Kits: The Perfect Gift for a Budding Jewelry Artist
Wednesday, September 03 2014 00:00

Most of us have that one friend or family member; you know, the one with all of the creativity and artistic talent? They seem to be always sporting a bit of paint under their fingernails or a touch of glitter on their cheek. They've shown an interest of late in jewelry-making and you'd love to give them a gift of jewelry making supplies, but you have no idea where to begin. Kits are the answer!

Jewelry making kits have everything you need to get started. Each kit contains all of the tools, supplies and instructions necessary to complete at least one project so there is no guesswork involved. Kits make dipping your toe in the waters of a new artistic endeavor easy. It's a great way to begin to build your toolkit with all of the necessary and quality tools that you'll need to complete many projects in the future. All of the kits are designed with the beginner in mind; skills will be built up as you work through the projects.

There are different types, materials and styles of jewelry and several different kits to choose from that reflect these choices. Whether your recipient is interested in bead stringingwire and bead jewelry,gemstones or pearls, we have complete kits that will fit the bill.

Not quite sure what your favorite artist would like to start with? How about a jewelry-making tool-kit. No matter what types and styles of jewelry your designer might be interested in, they will need quality tools to get the job done. Add a gift card so that your recipient can purchase beads, wire, findings, books or DVDs of their choice and you have the perfect gift!

All artists love receiving a gift of quality art supplies. Give the gift of a jewelry-making kit and who knows, you may just get a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted piece of jewelry in return!

Contact us for assistance in choosing the perfect kit for your gift-giving needs.

Deck the Halls With Beads and Wire!
Tuesday, September 02 2014 00:00

OK, so Christmas is still four months away, but bead and wire decorations can adorn our homes and celebrations year 'round. We don't always think about using beads and jewelry ideas in designing home décor, but with a some creative thinking you can add a little jewelry 'bling' to many parts of your home.

In your dining room beaded napkin ringsplace card holders, and cocktail rings, can work together to make both everyday meals and special occasions sparkle. A bowl of beaded fruit as a centerpiece and a few candles to provide light to bounce off the beads makes a dazzling display for any season.

Candles are a must have in every room of the house. Bead and wire pendants attached to candlesticks and sconces add a little pizzazz. Tiny glass seed beads can be glued directly to a candle or to a votive holder allowing the candlelight to glow through the beads, making striking colored patterns on nearby surfaces.

Nooks and niches throughout the house make great places for displaying items with special significance. A bead stand is a wonderful way to display a gemstone or wire-wrapped stone that holds a special place in your heart.

The way that light plays around and through faceted glass beads can be spectacular. Capture some of that light with a suncatcher placed in just the right window. Try our fish design, just be sure to add a few beads to catch the light!

While we're discussing the way light plays off of and glows through beads, what better placement for a string of beads than on your Christmas tree! Making wire and bead necklaces is a natural for your tree; no need to add closures. And that age-old dilemma; do we use all white lights or colored ones? You get the best of both worlds if you choose white lights and add plenty of beaded garland to the tree! Use plenty of brightly colored beads to capture the light and bounce the colors around the room.

Naturally colorful and spirited holidays like Mardi Gras and Cinqo de Mayo can be enhanced with the use of beads and wire. Our spring fling necklaces are bright and bold enough to stand out on tables laden with the traditional foods of these holidays.

No matter what holiday or occasion you're celebrating or what room in your house you are decorating, bead and wire jewelry creations are sure to add plenty of style! Contact us for more tutorials, patterns and designs for projects for your home.


A Trip to the Hardware Store Equals Unique Components for Handcrafted Jewelry
Monday, September 01 2014 00:00

Are your handcrafted jewelry pieces beginning to look all too familiar? Have you gotten into a rut with your design ideas? Why not crank up the creativity with a trip to the hardware store!

A hardware store has an endless array of interesting shapes, parts and pieces to get those creative juices flowing. Empty your mind of preconceived notions and take a stroll down the hardware aisle; you know, the aisle with all the little drawers full of nuts, bolts, screws and all those other little doo-dads that you have no idea what they are for. Besides having interesting shapes, many of them have holes so that you could link them together or add them on with a simple jump ring. Let your imagination go wild in this aisle!

Large washers are great for making a lariat-style necklace; simply use the washer as the loop. Wrap wire around the washer and thread beads around the outside of the circle for a one-of-a-kind look. Several sizes of washers can be linked together with jump rings and beads to create an interesting industrial look bracelet. Use this square knot bracelet pattern to link them together with interesting hand-crafted links.

Then head over to the aisle with the drawer pulls and knobs. Make sure to check out the backer plates; many have pre-drilled holes and would make a dramatic necklace. Simply add a chain made with your WigJig tool for a head turning piece. You can find sheets of different kinds of metals that can be cut into shapes. Drill holes for attaching to chains and cords. Half of a door hinge would make an interesting pendant using our wavy yoke pattern as a guide.

Before you leave the hardware store, don't forget to check out the paint aisle. Here you can find enamel paints that will stick to all kinds of metals to give you even more flexibility. Or how about giving your hardware pieces a spray of granite look or hammered metal paint. This aisle also has some products that will give your shiny new hardware an aged, rusted look. And while you're in this aisle don't forget to pick up a can of spray polyurethane to protect your piece once it's finished.

Designs made with hardware accents are a natural for men, but with a few beads and some delicate wire accents they can be made to look more feminine as well.

After your trip to the hardware store, don't forget to contact us for the tools, wire, beads and instructions to take your projects from ordinary to extra-ordinary!

Incorporating Buttons into Your Handcrafted Jewelry Designs
Sunday, August 31 2014 00:00


We all have them, don't we? You know, that jar of buttons way up there on the shelf in the back of the closet gathering dust. We've cut them off of discarded clothing; bought them up at clearance sales and garage sales. Many are antiques handed down from the sewing boxes of our grandmothers. We just couldn't bear to part with them, but we've never really known how to use them either. It's time to bring those beautiful buttons out of storage and into the light. Incorporate them into amazing one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry!

Using buttons in your jewelry creations couldn't be simpler; having ready-made holes makes working with them much like working with beads. Flat buttons are easy to work with; simply use jump rings to attach them to your other jewelry components. Do you have several matching buttons? Choose some coordinating beads, your favorite color of wire and a WigJig tool to create a necklace and matching earrings like this Caribbean Blue set or this Vee Links necklace ; just substitute buttons for a few of the beads. Follow the instructions for the Two-to-One bracelet using buttons in the one position for a show-stopping creation!

Combine interesting buttons with beads to make a pendant and add to a simple chain. Matching earrings are easily made to match. The Elegant WigJig Drop or the Spirals and Diamond patterns offer a way to add one button or multiple buttons for pendant style necklace and earrings.

Shank-back buttons can be used creatively as well to make some striking pieces. You will need to snip the shank off first. Then follow our instructions for mounting coins or cabochons using wire. Now you can use these buttons in many pieces. Mounted in this fashion they would make an exciting charm-style bracelet.

Make a bold statement piece with all of those mismatched or plain buttons. Cut a piece of felt in a crescent moon shape. Using the felt as a backing material, glue buttons onto the felt and each other creating a pendant with lots of texture and depth. Add jump rings and attach to a beautiful handmade chain using your WigJig tool.

Now that you've mastered ways to incorporate buttons into your handmade jewelry creations, you just may have to start scouring the world for more buttons!

Contact us for more jewelry making tips and techniques as well as the supplies you need to make all kinds of stunning handcrafted jewelry designs!


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