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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We have an entire section on our website called "Learn," filled with over 1,500 online pages of free designs, techniques and video lessons. We also have print and on-line books in our WigJig store.  Finally, we have a listing of bead stores in the USA that teach classes on using WigJigs.

This is our most frequently asked question! In response to your many inquiries, we've put together an entire "For Beginners" section filled with lots of information for novices. Plus, we have an Internet Starter Kit and a  WigJig Recommended Jewelry Tools Kit that are found in our WigJig store.

To order: 

  1. Online through our WigJig store with a credit card or PayPal.
  2. Phone with a credit card: 201-766-1751 with credit card only.
  3. Order via e-mail and pay with PayPal.  Send us an e-mail with your address and telephone number along with a list of items you want to order and we will respond with a quote for that order.  When you are satisfied with the jewelry making supplies in your order, reply to our e-mailed quote and we will send you a PayPal Payment Request for your order.  When the PayPal payment is completed, your order will ship on the next business day. 

Yes, our shopping cart and ordering process use the safest encryption technology available on the internet. We have processed thousands of internet orders, and have never had any credit card information compromised on these orders.  Or online store does not have acess to your credit card information as that transaction is handled by 

Our shopping cart identifies you as a unique customer by using Internet "cookies".  Therefore, to place an order, you must set your browser to accept cookies. 

If you have problems registering in the shopping cart, an email or a phone call (210-556-1743) to us can solve the problem quickly.  We can easily access your account to adjust any of your registration information, except your password (we cannot view or access any customer passwords).  We can set a password for you, and then you can change it after you log in.

Also, you can place an order without registering or logging in.  Just click on the “Express Checkout” button.  We do hope, though, that you will register in the shopping cart and receive your free Beader Bucks as our WigJig "thank-you" for registering.

We most certainly do have gift cards.  Just click here for Gift Cards, or select the Gift Cards category in the left sidebar of the WigJig Store.

We run sales frequently in our store.  We announce them on our Blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, and via our WigJig Newsletter.

Please send us an email (preferred) or call us (210-556-1743) regarding any questions or problems with your order. 

You can access an exact replica of all our jig templates as well as compare our WigJigs at the following links:

Our catalog is our WigJig store.  We also have a WigJig Newsletter highlighting our newest products and designs.

Absolutely! Our copyrights are established to protect our published materials.  If you wish to use our designs to make jewelry or other items for resale, you have our permission.  (There is one exception to this policy and this person has been notified separately.)

For wire designing teachers, any of our published designs may be used for teaching or classes, as long as our designs, teaching materials, and products are credited.

Many bead stores and jewelry making supply stores carry our products.  We have a voluntary listing of bead stores in the USA that teach classes on using WigJigs.  Additionally, we suggest you check the local yellow pages for local bead stores and ask them if they carry our WigJig tools.  

Click here for "how to" instructions on flattening and hardening wire.  

Click here for information on choosing your jewelry wire.

Just subscribe to our WigJig Newsletter. We announce new designs, tips, and classes, plus new products in every issue. 

Shipping details are explained here.

We have tips for printing and downloading from our website here.


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