Dragonfly Wire Sculpture

Instructions for making the Dragonfly Wire Sculpture out of jewelry wire, beads and jewelry supplies using WigJig jewelry tools         


This project is to make a decorative dragonfly wire sculpture.  The dragonfly is made by combining wire components representing the body, the abdomen, the legs and the wings/eyes. 


Jewelry Supplies Required:



The body and abdomen of the dragonfly are made of coils of wire wound around a dowel.  The wings are made of wire shaped on the pegs of a WigJig Electra.  The legs for the dragonfly are made of wire shaped by hand around the body of the dragonfly. 





Jewelry Tools Required:

  • 36 inches of 18G black wire
  • 36 inches of 22G black wire
  • 24 inches of 18G silver blue wire


  • Round Nose Pliers

  • 1/4" dowel

  • 1/8" dowel

  • Flush Cutter

  • Chain Nose or Bent Chain Nose Pliers

  • Nylon Jaw Pliers

  • WigJig Electra with 19 metal pegs

  • 30 minutes of free time


Jewelry Making Skills Required:

  • Use of WigJig to make wire components

  • Ability to wrap fine gauge wire around larger wire tightly

  • Ability to make coils on a dowel


Step-by-step instructions for making a Dragonfly Wire Sculpure using WigJig jewelry tools, jewelry wire, beads and common jewelry supplies:

Step 1:  Make a 3/4" long coil of 18G black wire on a 1/4 inch dowel.  Leave a 1" wire tail at one end of the coil.  This coil becomes the body of the dragonfly.




Step 2:  Make a 2" long coil of 22G black wire on a 1/8 inch dowel.  Leave a wire tail about 2" long at one end.  This coil becomes the abdomen of the dragonfly.




Step 3:  Cut and straighten three 4 inch long segments of 18G black wire.  Wrap 22G wire around these three wire segments in two places to hold the three 18G wire segments together.  Bend the three wire segments into a "U" shape as shown at right.  These wire segments will become the legs of the dragonfly.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 6 Peg Pattern for Dragonfly Wings


Step 4:  Place 15 pegs in the WigJig Electra in the pattern shown at left. 

Step 5:  Cut and straighten a piece of 18G Silver Blue Artistic Wire 20 inches long.

Step 6:  Wrap the wire around the pegs in turn as shown at left.

Step 8


Step 7:  Remove the wire from the jig and cut the wire tail that went around peg 19.

Step 8:  By hand, twist the wire ends together and flatten the wire so that it appears as shown at left. 

Step 9:  Using chain nose pliers bend the wire ends of the wings into spirals to become the eyes of the dragonfly.

Step 10:  On the 1/4" coil, bend the wire tail back so that it becomes parallel to the body, separated by about 1/8 inch. 

Step 11:  Slide the wings/eyes under this wire tail on the body segment.  Bend the end of the wire tail down and into the body coil so that it holds the wings/eyes in place as shown at right. 

Step 12:  Now position the legs wire segments over the space between the two pairs of wings.  The "U" of the legs segment should be down on the body segment.

Step 13:  Bend one of the leg wires so that it wraps around the body and is horizontal, on the bottom of the body, pointing away from the body. 

Step 14:  Now bend the opposite leg so that it wraps around the body and is horizontal pointing away from the body.  At this point you should have two legs wrapped completely around the body, holding the legs to the body.


Step 11 Wire Tail holding
wings to body

Step 15 Legs wrapped around body

Step 17 Legs bent to final position

Step 15:  Continue, one pair of legs at a time, until all six legs are wrapped around the body and are horizontal.  See the picture above left (top).


Step 16:  Cut each leg so that it is 3/4 to 1" long. 




Step 17:  Bend the last 1/4" of each leg down (vertical).  At this point the body should stand on its legs.  See the picture above left (bottom).



Step 18:  Now wrap 22G black wire between the eyes and around the body, through the center of the coil about 4-5 times to cover the base of the wings and the twisted wire that holds the wings in shape. 

Step 18

Finished dragonfly wire sculpture

Step 19:  Add the abdomen of the dragonfly (1/8" coil).  Using the wire tail, thread this wire through the center of the body coil from back to front until the first 1/8" of the abdomen coil is inside the 1/4" body coil.  The loose wire tail should be sticking out the front of the dragonfly.  Now wrap the loose wire tail under and parallel to the body.  Cut this loose wire about 1/4 inch past the end of the body coil.  Tuck the last 1/4" of loose wire into the body coil to hold the abdomen in place. 

Step 20:  Position the wings and legs by hand so that the finished piece stands by itself.  Now you have a dragonfly wire sculpture. 



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