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Customers have the option of selecting their shipping method during the order checkout process. For most orders, the customer can select First Class, Priority Mail (via the US Post Office) or UPS Ground, Standard 3-day, 2-day or overnight.  Please provide us a shipping address appropriate for the shipping method chosen.  As an example, please do not use a P.O. box address for UPS 3 day, 2 day or overnight shipping. 

Please note that for UPS Ground Standard shipping, we use the UPS Sure Post service.  This service will result in the delivery of your order by UPS to your local Post Office for delivery in your mail.  Your postman will then deliver your order on the following day, with your mail.  We believe that this service combines the strongest capabilities of UPS (long distance shipping) with the strongest capabilities of the Post Office (local delivery of your mail) to provide the most reliable shipping service.  UPS Sure Post service arrives one day later than standard UPS Ground shipping.  For UPS Standard shipping service, you can use a P.O. Box. 

Our orders ship from our warehouse in the eastern US, which is a short delivery time for most of our customers.  For the customers on the West Coast, it may take up to six business days to receive your order.

RETURNS:  For our "Close Out Sale" we will not be able to accept returns on any item.  


We have just updated our international shipping in our WigJig Internet Store.  During check out from our store, after you have entered your address, our international shipping options will be displayed.  Currently we no longer ship internationally using First Class International mail.  We have replaced this shipping service with UPS Mail Innovations, International.  This new shipping service allows us to offer international shipping at rates that are about 1/2 of the rate for First Class International mail. 

Our new UPS Mail Innovations, International shipping service provides full tracking of international shipment to the following countries:

Australia Belgium Brazil
Canada Croatia Denmark
Finland France Germany
Ireland Israel Netherlands
New Zealand Portugal Spain
Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom

For countries that aren't on the above list, we will not be able to provide tracking of your shipment. 

We are only able to ship via UPS Mail Innovations International or via UPS.  We are not able to accept orders using a customer identified shipping service.  We are working to be able to send international shipments using DHL, but we do not have this capability at this time.  

Canadian and Mexican customers can print our NAFTA Certificate of Origin here.

Please note that we can not guarantee delivery time frames.  We do own or control in any way the US Post Offfice or UPS.  We are only able to provide you the shipping time frames that the US Post office and UPS provide us.  If your shipping takes longer than anticipated we will provide you with a tracking number so that you can coordinate with the Post Office or UPS regarding the delay.  We do guarantee that each customer will receive their shipment or we will either refund their full purchase price, or we will ship the order again at our expense.  




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