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Birthstones in Gemstones

Birthstones used for making jewelry in Swarovski Crystal Beads and Man-Made Gemstones

Most of us know our birthstone and therefore making birthstone jewelry is a great birthday gift.  What most of us don't know is that the standards for what birthstone goes with what month are rather loosely defined.  We originally thought that there would be one and only one birthstone associated with each birth month.  We grew up believing that the birthstones by month was something similar to the ten commandments in that they were both cast in stone and defined many millennia ago.  While the ten commandments were cast in stone and defined millennia ago, the birthstones by month were a relatively recent development.  The original concept for birthstones by month goes back to the Crest of Aaron in biblical times, the actual set of birthstones that we currently recognize for each month goes back to 1912 and has been changed since 1912 to add Tanzanite as a birthstone for December.   Our reference for this selection of birthstones by month is the American Gem Society.  You can view this information on their web site by selecting here.

Please note that this selection of birthstones by month is certainly not the only way of assigning a birthstone to a calendar month.  We have viewed several other selections of birthstone by month.  All you need to do to set up a new standard for assigning birthstones by month is to have enough money to publish your list.  While this selection of birthstones by month is not the only choice, we believe that it is the most appropriate selection of birthstones assigned by month.

Birthstones in Gemstones Chart.JPG
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