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Tuesday, October 27 2015 00:00

Visit WigJig

If you are looking for beautiful products to hand make jewelry, look no further! WigJig has everything that you are looking for. This is a helpful business that carries all sorts of different types of products. Before making a commitment to one business, however, you undoubtedly will want to learn more about this business.

Fair Treatment of All Customers

     One reason you should trust this company with your business is because they are determined to treat all customers fairly. In fact, this is something that WigJig guarantees. This is a business that also wants to be sure you you are satisfied with your products and the service that you receive.

All Sorts of Jewelry Making Supplies

    Another reason you should trust this business is because they carry all sorts of jewelry making supplies. For example, they sell spiral makers. These allow you to make spirals with wire. To learn how to do this, simply visit our website.

    They also sell pegs. These pegs are helpful for making your jewelry as they hold the wire in place. Most importantly, they also sell wire, which is what you'll be making your jewelry out of.

    But what if you'd like all of these supplies in one purchase? If this sounds like you then simply purchase one of our kits. There are different kits you can purchase such as the bead stringing kit, the gemstones kit, the pearl beads kit, and the wire and beads kit. Now that you know a little bit about our business, please contact us and place an order today.

Spark Your Creativity: Host a Jewelry-Making Party!
Monday, October 26 2015 00:00

Spark Your Creativity: Host a Jewelry-Making Party!

Nothing sparks your creativity like sharing ideas, techniques and experiences with other creative people. It's fun to be inspired and to inspire others in return. And you can get it all started by hosting a jewelry-making party!

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant (although you can go the "fancy" route if you'd like)…just invite a few friends and let those creative juices flow!

You'll want to set up a fun, festive atmosphere with some snacks and drinks, and provide an organized workspace with supplies for each person.

For your first jewelry-making party (we say "first" because it'll be so much fun you'll want to have many more!), it might be a good idea to focus on just one type of project, such as earrings or a bracelet. You can provide a few finished samples, along with a nice variety of beadsfindingswire, and tools for everyone to use, but each is free to follow their own creative path.

Including both beginners and more experienced jewelry artists is a great way to ensure lots of interaction, and if you encourage them to bring some of their favorite supplies, tools or samples along it is an exciting way for everyone to share knowledge, generate conversation, and guarantee some fabulous creations! (It also means you don't have to "teach" everything, but are able to join in the fun.)

If the projects are quick enough to complete that each person can finish more than one – such as making 3 pairs of earrings – it provides the opportunity to surprise everyone at the end of the party by suggesting they swap a pair or two with others so that they take home not just something they made, but also gifts from friends!

Contact us or explore our website for jewelry-making instructions and videos, supplies, beads, wire, tools and more…and then go for it – host a jewelry-making party of your own!

Beading Patterns: Prepare Now For Your Beaded Holiday Creations!
Sunday, October 25 2015 00:00

Beading Patterns: Prepare Now For Your Beaded Holiday Creations!

Although many of us are not yet thinking of holiday preparations, those who hand craft items for gift giving or sale, are getting ready to put their skills to good use now. Autumn is a great time to think about new designs and materials for creating that one-of-a-kind jewelry piece, ornament or other originalbeadwork. Take a quick tool inventory to make sure you have the tools you need, and that they are in working order.

Beading patterns are a wonderful way to learn new beading techniques or get the creative justices flowing.  WigJig is the best online source for all your beading and jewelry making needs. The WigJig website features endless availability of designs, ideas ands patterns, no matter what your requirements or taste, in design or function. Although Wigjig is a never-ending wellspring of products for purchase, our incredible selection of beading patterns is free for anyone who needs fresh ideas to create a better variety of holiday offerings. Categories for beading patterns, offered free of charge on WigJig include:

  • Earrings and other ear apparel
  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Watches
  • Pins
  • Tie Accessories
  • Jewelry Sets

Special holiday inspiration is available for both Halloween and Christmas, so you need not limit your designs to those that are offered year round.  Detailed instructions for holiday jewelry, ornaments, and even a Christmas plate, made from beads and wire, will help your holiday innovation.  

Additionally, our learning section can fill in any blanks you may have in your expertise.  Here you will find instructions for:

  • Handy office accessories
  • Beautiful home decor
  • Hair styling accessories

Even if your holiday jewelry making plan only requires a little constructive brainstorming, WigJig is your "go-to" for holiday beading and jewelry making concepts! Contact us, to find out how to boost your holiday  earnings and please even the most difficult gift recipient on your list.

Big Handcrafted Jewelry for Fall 2015
Saturday, October 24 2015 00:00

Big Handcrafted Jewelry for Fall 2015

Now that you've hoarded fall catalogs, scrutinized Fashion Week blogs and taken all the magazines out of your hairdresser's salon, you're ready to check out our new collections of gems and findings and create some of the fabulous pieces that are spot on trend for fall. These days, almost anything goes when it comes to handcrafted jewelry.

Pendant necklaces are still hot and if you're a beginner, not too complicated. Once your picked out your chain, your imagination's the limit on what to use to make your pendant. Large gemstones are trendy, add a few crystals and seed beads for a unique statement piece.

Brooches are making a comeback, too. But they're not your grandmother's demure circle pin, and they're not confined to your shoulder. Pick out a gemstone or two, get crazy with our jig kits and add a bale along with the pin and you've got something you can wear just about anywhere. Try a brooch on a headband or as a hair ornament.

Bib necklaces, the ones that can start at your chin and go all the way to your sternum, can turn a basic black tee-shirt and jeans into the most dramatic outfit you own. Start with our French wire and pile on anything you can think of--beads, gemstones, wire, and put it together for a stunning piece of art.

Pearls are popping up on the runways again--but like the brooches, not necessarily something your grandmother would recognize. String the big 8 mm ones on a heavy gauge wire that will hold its shape and sculpt yourself some art. You can always mix other bold and colorful beads with the pearls for a go-with-anything necklace.

If you haven't made any jewelry since that macaroni bracelet in preschool, not to worry. Wigjig offers online how-to videos and supplies, instructional books and DVDs for all levels of jewelry designing skills and expertise. Contact us and we'd love to help.

Our Wire Jig (WigJig) is a Unique Tool
Friday, October 23 2015 00:00

Our Wire Jig, a Unique Tool

Our wire jig makes the difference between "Oh,cute" and "Oooo, that is amazing!" With our wire jig your jewelry becomes fresh, fabulous, and professional. What exactly does that mean? If you make jewelry in which shaped wire is part of the design; you probably began by using a needle-nosed pliers, nails, and other makeshift tools to coil and bend your designs. Our jig, the WigJig, enables you to create complex designs and to repeat that same design, perfectly, over and over. That ability to replicate your creative designs makes your work a standout.  

wire jig consists of a base and pegs. The base has holes for the pegs to be placed in to form many possible patterns. Then wire is wound around the pegs to form your jewelry design. Our WigJigs come with a variety of hole patterns and sizes, so you can shape circles, squares, butterflies, puffer-fish, or whatever you can imagine. Our pegs are smooth and easily used and reused. If you aren't familiar with using jigs, check out this great video to see how they work.

If you have watched the jig video, you might be ready for some real inspiration. Whatever your skill level, our WigJig will enable you to create jewelry that is stunningly beautiful. If you need some support, we have a complete video library on using the WigJig. The lessons are clear and understandable. You can learn to create clasps and links, bead dangles and spirals, ear wires and wrapped loops. One tip, when you do create a beautiful piece on the WigJig, take a picture. Then you will not only be able to replicate it, but you will have your own inspiration library to wander through.

Contact us, if you have more questions about the WigJig or other jewelry making tools and supplies. 


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