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Jewelry-Making Design for a 3-Hole Spacer Wire Component

Monday, September 09 2013 06:00

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Even as old as we are, we still get smarter with time.  Hopefully, that will continue. 

This past week, we were inspired to update our jewelry making instructions for a three hole spacer bar, and by extension a four, five or six hole jewelry wire spacer bar.  There was a flaw in our earlier instructions for making the three hole spacer bar and the instructions resulted in a component where the middle ring in the spacer bar was thicker than the two outer rings.  This resulted in the three strand bracelet having strands that were not exactly the same length. 

After looking at this project during the day and being unsatisfied because of the length issue, I went to bed.  In the middle of the night, I woke up and realized what the solution was.  The middle loop in the spacer bar was required to be two thicknesses of wire while the first and last loops in the spacer bar were only one thickness of wire.  The thickness of the middle loop could not be changed; but the first and last loops in the spacer bar weren't required to be one thickness of wire.  The solution was simply to make the initial and final loops in the spacer bar into two thicknesses of wire.  While the solution is simple, the implementation is slightly more advanced.

Three Hole Spacer Bar jewelry wire component Improved 3 Hole Spacer Bar jewelry wire comonent
Original Design Improved Design

Please select here to view our advanced jewelry making instructions for making a 3, 4, 5, or 6 hole spacer bar out of jewelry wire.  This link will take you to our instructions for making the Three Strand Bracelet.  Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view the new instructions. 

Some times, a good night's sleep really pays.  We hope you like our new technique for making a spacer bar out of jewelry wire. 


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