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Straightening Wire

Beginner's instructions on how to straighten jewelry wire using common jewelry making tools:

Among the first steps in jewelry making is straightening the jewelry wire. This step is mandatory because jewelry wire is sold in coils or on spools and develops a natural curl as a result of the way it is packaged.

There are many jewelry tools to help in straightening jewelry wire. One of the simplest and easiest to use is a piece of leather. Fold the leather in 1/2 and use it to hold the jewelry wire. Pull the wire through the leather several times while squeezing the leather in your fingers.

The jewelry making tool that we prefer to use instead of leather, is nylon jaw pliers jewelry tool.  Instead of pulling the jewelry wire through leather, pull the wire through the jaws of nylon jaw pliers while squeezing the pliers closed.

Sometimes when making jewelry you will find the the jewelry wire is too slippery to allow you to get a good grip for pulling the wire. Should this be the case, you may find that it will be easier to pull the wire if you make a loop in one end and hold the wire by that loop while pulling it. Select here to view a video with instructions on how to make a loop in jewelry wire using round nose pliers jewelry tool.  You can also straighten the jewelry wire before cutting it by using the spool or coil of wire as the handle that allows you to control a segment of jewelry wire while you draw it through the jaws of your nylon jaw pliers. 

We also have detailed pictures of how to straighten wire in our online book "Wire Design Basics". Finally, you can view the four steps in straightening wire with nylon jaw pliers below:

Step 1 to instructions on how to straighten jewelry wire using common jewelry tools. Step 2 to instruction on how to straighten jewelry wire using common jewelry making tools.
Step 1 (start with a loop in your jewelry wire) Step 2 (grip the jewelry wire with your nylon jaw pliers jewelry tool)
Instructions on how to straighten jewelry wire using common jewelry making tools -- Step 3 Instructions on how to straighten jewelry making wire using common jewelry tools -- Step 4
Step 3 (pull the jewelry wire through your pliers several times) Step 4 (check to see if the jewelry wire is straight.)

Summary of straightening jewelry wire using common jewelry making tools:

Straightening jewelry wire is one of the first steps in any jewelry making project.  Wire comes from spools or bags and is coiled before you are ready to use it to make jewelry.  Your jewelry making projects will all work better if you remove the imperfections from coiling by straightening the wire before you start working the wire to make your jewelry component.  It is equally important to keep your jewelry wire straight as you make your jewelry wire components.  If, in the middle of shaping your jewelry wire, you notice that the wire is no longer straight, then stop and straighten the jewelry wire before proceeding.

Nylon jaw pliers are the perfect jewelry tool to use when straightening wire because the nylon will not leave marks on the jewelry wire.  The techniques shown above and in our video referenced above, show a beginner how to straighten jewelry wire using nylon jaw pliers.


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