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Getting Started - Jewelry Making

Recommended second, third and fourth jewelry making projects for newcomers to making jewelry out of jewelry wire and beads:

We've provided a lot of information for beginners in our "Getting Started" web page.  We also provided some good information for beginners in our Generic Jewelry Making Steps article.   We followed that information with our "Recommended First Project".  Here we are going to suggest a second third and fourth jewelry making project.  For beginners, we recommend that you continue your learning in how to make jewelry by following the below steps. 

Jewelry Making Supplies Required:

• ​20 gauge jewelry wire

• 6mm or 8mm beads

Jewelry Making Tools Required:

• Nylon Jaw Pliers

• Round Nose Pliers

• Flush Cutter

• Chain Nose or Bent Chain Nose Pliers(2)

• WigJig jewelry making tool

• Find step jaw pliers (preferred)

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

• Ability to straighten jewelry wire using nylon jaw pliers jewelry tool.

• Ability to cut jewelry wire using flush cutter jewelry tool.

• Ability to make a "P" loop in jewelry wire using round nose pliers or step jaw pliers jewelry tools.

• Ability to make a jewelry wire component by shaping the wire on Wigjig jewelry making tools.

Step-by-step instructions for your second, third and fourth jewelry making projects:

Step 1: Purchase the list of jewelry tools and jewelry supplies defined.

Step 2: Read and review our Getting Started, Generic Jewelry Making Steps, and Recommended First Project.

Step 3: Don't get discouraged. Plan on discarding your first several jewelry making attempts. This is like riding a bike. It is easy once you have learned what to do, but it does require practice to learn this new skill. Buy some cheap copper wire to practice and use this practice wire for the first three components that you make.

Step 4: Re-read step three. This is very important!

Step 5: The first three steps in every jewelry making project are to

  • straighten the jewelry wire using the nylon jaw pliers jewelry tool,

  • cut a length of jewelry wire using the flush cutter jewelry tool, and

  • make a "P" loop in the end of the jewelry wire using the round nose pliers jewelry tool. 

Become comfortable with these three steps.  You will do them a lot.  If you are uncertain about how to perform any of these steps, please follow the links in this paragraph to our free instructions for that jewelry making skill. 

Step 6: Make these earrings in the order shown from left to right.  The left earrings are the easiest to make and they get progressively more difficult as you progress to the right across the page.

Getting Started - Jewelry Making Example
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