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Braided Wire Ring

Instructions for making the Braided Wire Ring out of jewelry wire, and jewelry supplies using WigJig jewelry tools

In this jewelry making project, we will make the ring shown below.  This ring was made using 36 inches of 22 gauge Non-Tarnish Brass Artistic Wire.   The steps for making this braid are the same as the steps for making the Braided Wire Bracelet with the following exceptions.  First, you need three segments of wire 12 inches long.  Then you make the "U" shaped bend in the center of each of these segments.  Next you braid the three wire segments into a single braid about 4 inches long.  This braiding is accomplished on our WigJig jewelry tools using exactly the same approach as was used for the bracelet.


Braided Ring made out of jewelry wire.


When the 4 inch long braided wire is completed, you remove the jewelry wire from your jewelry making jig.  From this point on, the steps in making the ring are different from the bracelet.  Instead of making a "U" shaped bend in the ends of the braided wire, you will ultimately bend the wire into the round shape of your ring, but before shaping the ring, you need to hand finish the beginning of the braided wire.  This end of the braid (the beginning) has the wire loops that went over the pegs.  These loops have no sharp ends, so we want this portion of the braid to end up on the inside of the ring.  Before bending the ring into your round shape, bend the three wire loops by hand so that are as tight a continuation of the braid as possible with as little excess wire sticking out as possible.  Once this is done, you are ready to start shaping the ring.

Braided Wire Ring made using WigJig jewelry tools to shape jewelry wire.


Now we need to shape the braided jewelry wire into our round, ring shape.  Begin gently bending the wire into a round shape.  If you have a ring mandrel, you can use this to assist you in shaping the braided wire.  It is important that you gently shape the jewelry wire into a round shape.  Move the braided wire in a series of small movements until it has the round shape that you need.  Keep the beginning end of the braid on the inside of the ring (no sharp wire ends).  The beginning and the end of the braided wire should ultimately overlap by about 3/8. to 1/2".  Cut any excess jewelry wire after you have achieved the 3/8" to 1/2" overlap.  Continue shaping the wire until it naturally assumes the size that you need for your ring.

Braided Jewelry Wire Ring made using WigJig jewelry tools.

Once the ring is in the correct shape and size, you finish this jewelry making project by wrapping fine gauge jewelry wire around the portion of the ring where the beginning and the end of the ring overlap.  The ring should be shaped by hand until it retains its shape and size without the wrapped wire.  24 gauge wire works great for the wrap.  Wrap tight and check the size of the ring as you continue wrapping.  Once your wrap has covered both the beginning and end of the braid, cut the excess wire on both ends and you have a completed ring.  Use chain nose pliers to help tuck in any loose wire ends. 

When you wear this ring, it may be more appropriate to wear the braided portion of the ring on the inside, or palm side of your finger.  This allows the braid to show and hides the overlap of the beginning and ending of the braid.

Jewelry Wire Ring made by braiding wire using WigJig jewelry tools.




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