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Pinch Bails for Gemstones

Instructions for making earrings or necklace jewelry using pinch bail findings and common jewelry making supplies:

Garnet Earrings Made with a Pinch Bail Jewelry Making Finding

Amethyst Earrings Made with a Bail Jewelry Making Finding

Pink CZ Earrings Made with an Ice Pick Bail Jewelry Making Finding

In the pictures of the jewelry above, we show earrings made using a finding called a pinch bail, an ice pick bail or just a bail. In the pictures below, we show three necklace pendants made with this same pinch bail finding.  This finding appears as shown at right when viewed from the side. Shown below-right is an example of how this finding would appear when attached to a gemstone. This finding is called a pinch bail because all you need to do to attach this finding to an appropriate gemstone is to position it properly with the two prongs in the bail finding positioned in the front and back hole on the gemstone and then you simply pinch the bail finding closed using your fingers. Step 1 pinch.  There is no step 2.  In some cases it may be better to use nylon jaw pliers or bent chain nose pliers to help pinch the bail closed, with the two prongs of the bail meeting in the hole in the gemstone.

Pinch Bail Jewelry Making Finding

Side View of Bail Jewelry Making Finding

Pendant Necklace Made with a Pinch Bail Jewelry Making Finding

This type of finding works best when used with gemstones with a .8 to 1mm diameter front-to-back hole. In our Internet store the pinch bails work perfectly with our 18mm Flat Pear CZs and our 22x30mm Pear Pendants as shown above. The 18 mm Flat Pear CZs can be viewed here. This finding also works with our 22x30mm pear pendants.

Please note: With some pendants you may find that you need to file the prongs on the bail finding to make them thinner. You may also find some pendant gemstones that are not as thick and this will require you to cut a small amount off the end of the prongs to shorten them. We suggest using a jeweler's file for the filing and a flush cutter where you need to shorten the bail's prongs.

We have two types of pinch bails. The majority shown above have no loop at the top, while the bail shown in the two earrings at the top-right has a loop at the top. Without the loop, our item 3435 in gold-plated and 3437 in sterling silver can be used as is to make pendants for necklaces or can be used with a jump ring to make earrings. With the loop, our item 3436 in gold-plated and item 3438 in sterling silver can be used as is to make earrings by directly connecting the ear wire to the loop in the bail. You can view our selection of in bails by selecting here.

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

Whether you want to make earrings using cubic zirconia gemstones or pendant necklaces, these pinch bail findings are a very easy way to make jewelry and are entirely suitable for beginners to making jewelry by hand. If you can open and close a loop using bent chain nose pliers, you can make jewelry with our bails and our 18mm Flat Pear gemstones. Our instructions for opening and closing loops can be found here.



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