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Jig Templates

Documenting Jewelry Making Projects Using Templates for our WigJig Jewelry Making Tools:

What do you do if you make a fabulous new jewelry design made out of jewelry wire and you want to re-create that design later?  The answer is obvious, you document the design.  Now for the second question -- How do you document a design?  The answer to this question isn't as obvious, but we do have a great answer.  You document all successful designs by marking the peg placement for the design on a template.  Now for the final question -- Where do you get a template?  We have another great answer for this questions.  The answer is here.  On this web page.  We have links to all the templates for our jewelry making tools on this page.  Please be certain to read the information on the bottom of this web page on Page Scaling before you print one of our templates. 

Now for another question -- How do templates help?  The answer here is that they don't help if you don't have a WigJig jewelry tool, but because our WigJig jewelry making jigs are clear, all you need to do is to position your jewelry making jig over the template for that jewelry tool and you can view where to place the pegs in the pattern being documented on that template. 

Please note that we also provide templates in the packaging of each jewelry making jig that we sell.  Please don't discard the packaging until you have made copies of the template on the back of the packaging. 

In order to use a template to document your successful jewelry making project, start with a colored pen and mark the peg pattern on a template to allow you to easily repeat a successful jewelry design.  A color of pen other than black will work best because it will stand out.  Again, because our jigs are clear, when you are ready to re-create a peg pattern from a template, place the WigJig jewelry tool on your template and you will be able to view through the jewelry making jig where to place your pegs for that jewelry making project. 

Image of template for WigJig Olympus Jewelry Making Tool.


This template also works for our WigJig Centaur Lite



A complete list of all our jig templates is shown above.  In order to get these templates to print in the correct size, you must have the free Adobe Acrobat reader software.  You can download it for free by selecting the button below.

Get Adobe Acrobat Software


Printing Instructions for WigJig Templates:

Before printing a template, please turn page scaling off.  This is accomplished within Acrobat Reader by setting Page Scaling to "None".  To get to this setting, select the "File" drop down menu and the "Print" command and you should see the location to turn off Page Scaling. 

Select the appropriate text link above to view our template for that WigJig jewelry tool.  Remember to turn page scaling off as described above prior to printing.  With Page Scaling set to "on" your computer and printer will change the size of the printed template and it won't match the peg placement on your WigJig jewelry tool. 

Good luck documenting and re-creating your successful jewelry making projects!




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