The premium coiling tool demanded by professional designers due to its superior ease-of-use.   Make wire beads to enhance your wire and jewelry designs.  The Twist 'n' Curl is amazingly simple to use, and so versatile, it travels anywhere.  It does not require clamps, work tables, or complicated equipment common to other coiling tools.  After screwing the dowel into the handle, there's only a SINGLE piece to use (not MULTIPLE pieces as in other coiling tools).  This simplicity makes coiling on  the Twist 'n' Curl a snap.  Just thread the wire through the handle and twist.  It's that simple. The basic model comes with the Twist 'n' Curl universal handle plus a small round dowel (1/8" diameter).  

Book of wire bead designs, " Make Wire Beads," available separately.

Twist 'N' Curl Basic