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The transparent Olympus has the largest work space of any WigJig, allowing you to make large wire designs for pendants, suncatchers, paper arts designs, bracelets and much more.   It is the thickest of our jigs, and works extremely well in a vise.  It is clearly the jig of choice for serious wire designers.The transparent Olympus Jig has 481 holes, 20 movable pegs (10 are 5/8" long and 10 are 3/4" long, 3/32" diameter) plus wire working tips and instructions (wire, Super Pegs and nylon spacers are sold separately). The WigJig Olympus is patented (US Patent 6,253,798). The WiJig Olympus is 5" x 5".

WigJig Olympus Transparent Jig

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