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Beginners WigJig Olympus-Lite

Beginners WigJig Olympus-Lite

WigJig Jewelry Making Supplies - WigJig Olympus-Lite

Jewelry Making Supplies

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The transparent Olympus-Lite is the perfect jig for beginning wire designers.  Just place the transparent jig on a pattern, trace with the pegs, and wrap the wire to form the design.  It`s simple to design with wire instantly to make jewelry, home decor, and paper arts projects.

Includes jig with 238 holes, 10 metal pegs, and wire designing tips. Wire, jig, Super Pegs, Spiral Maker and nylon spacers in photo are sold separately. The WigJig Olympus-Lite is patented (US Patent 6,253,798).

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  This jig can be used for all styles/methods of wire wrapping.  Whether you turn the jig on a table surface, hold it in your hand, or use a vise, it is simple to use.  It was specifically designed so the pegs would not poke through the bottom of the jig, making it simple to hold it in your hand and wrap (preferred method of many of our designers).  Also, many people design by turning the jig on a table surface.  Again, because the jig is lightweight and has no feet, it is simple to turn when wrapping.  The pegs fit tightly in the holes so wire loops are consistently sized, regardless of the design and the direction of the wrap.  Because the jig is constructed of aircraft-quality transparent materials and because the pegs are metal, it is strong enough to be used in a vise.  We have never had this jig, its pegs, its Super Pegs or Spiral Maker returned because of breakage.

For a detailed comparison of wire jigs, please go here.


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