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Great Bracelets Online Book

Great Bracelets Online Book

WigJig Jewelry Making Supplies - Great Bracelets Online Book

Jewelry Making Supplies

Online Jewelry Making Book

This online book contains lots of photos demonstrating each "how to" wire technique for making two bracelets - the Bow-Tie bracelet and a wire link and wrapped bead bracelet. Over 20 pages of instructions demonstrate every step, including patterns for eight designs: Bow-Tie Link, S-Bow-Tie Link, Filigree Hour-Glass Link, Toggle, Catch, S-Chain Link, Hook and Catch. Learn how to use the Olympus, how to join wire components, how to harden wire, how to make a toggle and catch, how to make Figure 8 Loops, how to wrap beads in wire, and how to make an eye loop.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS BOOK WILL NOT PRINT USING MICROSOFT'S INTERNET EXPLORER SOFTWARE. You will only be able to view the instructions on your computer. After you place your order, you will receive an email (usually within 24 hours) providing the access codes to download your book.

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