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Whammer Interchangeable Hammer

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Whammer Interchangeable Hammer

WigJig Jewelry Making Supplies - Nylon Hammer

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Wire Jewelry Hammer with 2 Interchangeable Heads

Designed by Linda Jones, the Whammer is a must-have 3-in-1 tool for every jeweler! It’s a dual-ended hammer which has one fixed-position head as well as interchangeable nylon & dapping heads. Though the was specifically created for use on wire, silversmiths will also love this compact multi-purpose tool. The permanent head features a highly-polished convex steel face which is specially designed for flattening, spreading and work hardening. The removable flat nylon head is perfect for smoothing kinks in wire and tempering color-coated & plated wires without marking surfaces. Unscrew the nylon head to secure the dapping head which can be used to accurately create texture on wires 20 gauge & upward. You’re sure to achieve great results with the Whammer thanks to extra weight in the head, which reduces the amount of striking power needed, and a short ergonomic handle which enables a perfect grip & helps to improve striking accuracy.

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