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WigJig Delphi Transparent Jig

WigJig Delphi Transparent Jig

WigJig Jewelry Making Supplies - WigJig Delphi Transparent Jig

Jewelry Making Supplies by WigJig

Jewelry Tools

The transparent Delphi has smaller pegs and closer holes than the Olympus and Olympus-Lite.  Accordingly, designs made on the Delphi are smaller and more delicate.  This is a great addition to the Olympus jigs since it facilitates making matching sets of jewelry.  For example, smaller earring components can be made on the Delphi to match larger necklace/bracelet links made on the Olympus.  It also works very well for paper arts designs.

Includes jig with 182 holes, 20 metal pegs (1/16" diameter), and wire designing tips (wire, Super Pegs and nylon spacers are sold separately).  The WigJig Delphi is patented (US Patent 6,253,798).

Please select here to view our printable template for this jewelry making tool!


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