Beginner Skills & Techniques

Links to instructions in a variety of jewelry making skills and techniques used when making jewelry out of jewelry wire and beads.

The jewelry making skills and/or techniques that must be learned in order to be successful in making jewelry the WigJig way are shown below.  Select any text or picture to navigate to our free jewelry making instructions for that skill.  Use your back button in your browser software to return to this web page. 

If you can accomplish the skills identified above you should be able to make jewelry pieces as simple as the earrings shown at right or as complex as the bracelet shown below.  Please select any picture or any text in red above to view our instructions for that technique.  In many cases the web page associated with the skill above will also have links to additional information on that skill.

While we have a lot of free information on making jewelry out of wire and beads available here, for some people, more detail may be appropriate.  For those people who want more detail on these skills purchase of our online book, "Wire Design Basics", may be appropriate.

Our hope is that everyone will find something here to help them improve their skills in making jewelry.

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