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Jewelry Making Findings - WigJig Basics

Free instructions on the available jewelry making findings used when making jewelry by hand:

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What are jewelry making findings and how are they used?

In the above video we try to present to a beginner or advanced beginner to making jewelry by hand what is a finding and how they can be used.  We attempt to show the variety of findings that are commonly available for purchase.  As a newcomer to making jewelry it is important to know what types of supplies can be purchased to make it easier to complete your jewelry making projects.  When jewelry and jewelry wire were first invented thousands of years ago, all jewelry making supplies were made by hand.  Now we have jewelry making components that are made by machines and can be used as shortcuts, or steps to simplify your jewelry making project.  Knowing what types of findings are available can help to facilitate your jewelry making projects. 

For an intermediate or advanced jewelry crafter, this is a video you can skip.  For more advanced jewelry artisans, we won't be presenting any new information in this video. 

For more information on jewelry making findings please select one of the links below:


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